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  If I was allowed a Mulligan in life , like right now… I think I would re do the last few arguments me and my dad have had. He’s always on my case about everything little thing I do , say , or anything else invovling. I cant take constant naggin from him , its in my nature to express my feelings. I never intentionally get loud , but my pops is really rude at times for no apparent reason. I be like dang pops , you rippen for nothing. At the end of all … I feel horrible.  Im sure nobody enjoys yelling at their parents.! If i could get a mulligan in that situation…. I would try my best and deal with it ,  because im sure at times im sure he feels like i have no respect for him.



Sam was dead to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that. The moment we walked in the house we knew  that something bad had happend.  I tried to reach her on her house phone and her cell.. but she didnt answer. We had made plans to go out and celebrate our promotions at work. Earlier Sam  and I were having lunch and we were discussing things, She mentioned how she had been depressed and stressed about work and her family problems. Sam said she was  still down … but was working on things. The kids were away at their grandmas for the weekend , so she had to house to herself.  We arranged to meet around 9pm , along with  our close friend sharron. When we reached Sams house , we ramg the doorbell …. no answer… so eventually we find the spare key.. and as  we were walking we noticed that their was a half eaten sandwhich. So we’re like why is she trying t eat.. and we’re going out.. We call out her name a few more times .. and we looked into the bathroom.. and there she was … laying in a tub full of blood.We now understood why the sandwich lay uneaten on the kitchen counter


My life is a  Roller Coaster ; Life consists of ups and downs, and we are along for the ride.

My life is a  roller coaster because life can be good… and then it can be bad. Thats where the roller coaster part comes in. My life to me is bascially good versus bad.  I’ve seen so much in the 16 years and 2 months i ‘ve been on this earth !  I have my highs … and my lows like any other person.. but to me my lows are like a big roller coaster dropping way way from the sky. Im afraid of heights ! which means im afraid of my lows. When i ride a scary ride i take a deep breath and try my best to take it one word at a time… it works sometimes… and somethimes it doesnt.. but one way or another… i get through it .




You and I both know that you’re my  bestfriend , and  ALMOST nothing can change that. Lately i realized that you’re a sucky bff !  i DONT know why it took me so long to realize that. Im  not sure if its the because we’re older now , but whatever the reason is.. you’re fired from being the main BFF ! you’re Just Brandon…My brother. Sucks right ? well thats how I felt when you started Leaving me Behind. It was very rude of you to move away… and then not call. You came back acting like everything was perfect.. I didnt bother to speak because you hurt my feelings . I guess you dont know how it feels to have your other half die ( yes… you are no longer considered my other half anymore.. you’re just brandon). I was by myself forever , I didnt want to do anything period, just cause you werent here. I look at our bond differntly.. i mind leaving you… you dont mind leaving me.  Pop told ,me that one day we would grow apart.. Ijust didnt know it would come so quickly. You dropped the ball on our BFF-NESS , but you’re still my brother and I love you always !



If I were given the chance to create a holiday for my country , I would Create PEACE DAY ; It would be a day that parents have to take off from work early and spend the day with their kids… It would be a day for relaxing and spending time with their kids. Now a days parents are working longer and more than usual , so they sometimes dont see their kids as much as they would like .

     On Peace Day Parents are REQUIRED to spend time with their kids , and for those who dont have kids you are REQUIRED to spend time with your loved ones and have a good time , take someof the stresses from your life and set them aside. Nothing in this world is more important than being at peace with yourself , and enjoying the time that you have with your family .  Maybe it would be the day our Troops come home from Iraq and the other dangerous places ,.Peace Day Is for everybody in  the United States and All over the world , if they liked it enough.



                     VOtE ME ; ATL 4REAL .

Whenever running for a position like mines you  have to really rep your city. You don’t change when the up North Style come to town , you still do you. It’s good to remember where you came from and what made you who you are. If I was to win , I’d make sure everybody remembered that  Atlantic Station was the move for a friday night and Central Station was the move for the Saturday. I love my city , and I most definetly love my hood in East Atlanta ! Shopping  From Lenox to South Dekalb Mall , maybe even the West End..&  Aint nothing like A Georgia girl , we the best … we take the South by storm with everything we do , like Pastor Troy said “AINT NO PLAY IN GA”.  To win  ATL 4REAl . you got to have your A game on point , I Do that everyday , from the way i talk to the way i act , its ATL all the way. From my custom made ATL shirts  to my custom ATL pajamas, I rep my city to the fullest and defend it aganist the RANDOM up North wannna be Conquers.. but as long as there is a dOWNSOUth GA  person near.. ATL has nothing to fear ….


   VOTE ME ;ATL 4REAL . Cause i wear my City on my back so the whole world can see :





3. 1 TSP. OF OIL.

Mix all your ingredients in  mixing bowl , pour batter over a preheated stove top. MAKE SURE YOUR SKILLET IS HOT! AND PRE GREASED !.





4.  2tsp BROWN SUGAR.





I came to the liking of hoe cakes and bbQ chicken when i was superr little . It was thanksgiving and i always help my Gma cook , so I always sampled things 1st … and she let me try hoe cakes and bbQ chicken. She rarely makes bbQ on TURkEy day, but she made it just for me. I wanted hoe cakes and bbQ chicken on every occasion.. so she gave me the basic ingredients i needed to make it for myself. I eat it at least 3 times a month.

 If tears would bring them back , I guess my life would feel complete then . I have this  empty space , that nobody can feel . He’s irreplacable. When my little brother died.. I felt  silent as if i had no voice… I didnt know how to handle it.  But as i got older , I understood a little better then i did back then.. A premature birth is really no joke , I really pushed away from my mom after his death.. , to me i felt like it was her fault.. but things happen.. Then a few years later .. My grandaddy died.. my world just crashed. it seemed like god did a recall on my family. I just wanted to be alone after my grandaddy died , he brought the biggest smiles ever to my face I still cant accept the fact that those smiles aint coming back..He faded away right in front of my eyes.. . I cried everyday for 2months.. it was a death overload ! Deaths just make me depressed kinda.  Those Guys meant the world to me ! . My Aunt got shot in the throat  in august by a cop , and he got off.. he said he felt as if his life was in danger.. if so, why shoot her in the throat?  The cop just came back from suspension , thats how I know our law system bent backwards…A sorry wont bring my aunt back into my life.My life changed each time , but in a way it made me a better person , and made me want to enoy each day with my family , because they could take a unexpected early flight out of my life. My tears wont bring them back , but it’ll let them know that they’re gone.. but never forgotten.


i ❤ you guyssss ! rip Pj , popcorn and my auntiee toot!

I would’ve never guessed that my animal was a dolphin , but its so true in a way.. A dolphin symbolizes charity and a kind affection towards children.A dolphins means joy, harmony and a connection with one’s higher self.

     I love little kids , they are so cute and adorable. Little kids can make anyone smile.  I spend alot of time with my nephew, younger cousins and my god daughter because when i was growing up my godmom and cousins did the same with me . A Close knit family like environment is good for everybody.If you dont get love from family then you’re going to feel like you have to get it from somewhere else , and thats not the way to go , trust. Charity work is a great thing to do , it shows that you care about others and that you’re willing to help someone in need. For instance , i love helping the homeless , it makes me feel good on the inside. I have a great connection with myself. lol. I dont like being predictable , predictable to me is boring . I like new things … so maybe the dolphin is a good animal for me

OffiCally Reddz TOP.

1. ATL- ATL is my favorite movie! The south has been running the music industry for a while now , and ATL just showed the people that ATL is really the move. Everything is business.

2.Ralph Lauren is the all time best! – I dont what i would do with out my Polo. I been wearing Polo since birth, from the shirts , pjs, sheets , paint etc..Nothing tops him.

3. Kobe Bryant- He Just something else on the court ! Plus he cute.

4. Martin Luther- He really inspires me to shoot for the moon , cause if i fall , ill  land amongst the stars. He stood up for what he thought was right , and equal for all people.

5. Madame Cj Walker- Without her inventing the perm , My hair would be curly forever! Thank you girl!

6.Obama- he proved that anything is possible , regardless of the color of your skin , as spoken by Martin Luther.

7. Takers- It was full of action , and the right people.

8.Gucci ! – He real cool ,  music is on point and always speakk his mind , plus he frome the eastside !

9. All the fridays- thats the type of movie i watch when im having a good friday.

10. Kevin Hart – he is hilarious! all his jokes keep me laughing !