Government ;LeannLaurenHunter

<big><b> But i Go by the name redd , . i’ve had that nickname for a  while .. and its spelled
” REDD” two d’s instead of one because im different.. i follow my own footsteps , ineverr want to be known as  person who did something just cause somebody else did it ,iM a GA native , and a east atlanta youngn .! I have  sweet giggely personality .. it makes me who i am .i go by the honor code ; Real Recogonize Real.  I think that if you want respect from me , you have to earn it , because once you cross my line… good luck coming back over.

         ( im ah curlyy hair beast on weekends when my natural is out)


       (i lOVE BAbE CADEN ! my nephew is a messs . he’s so bubbely , he giggles non-stop ! He drools and spits , its gross.. but its cute though