Brandon , you should let me take your car!


 You should let me take your car because i’d let you take mines whenever. By now you should know that you can trust me to bring your car back safe and sound , also smelling like me. Of all the things you do in my truck….  , I still let you borrow it , But you have a hard time giving up the keys to the maxima! All i ever tend to do in the Maxima is spray my perfume 9 times out of 10 , change the radio and leave my earrings in there. Thats not too bad and you know it. We can even make an agreement during the week , when i want to ride low… i’ll take the car.. and when you want to seem big… take Blue. I promise that the furthest i’d go… is to Moreland Ave.. or Old National.. if You promise to be EXTRA careful .. and take out your smelly socks and your lady friends rings and things. So change your mind and give me your keys with ease!