Regardless of everyday struggle between school , life , and the world, people can always make a way through it. I constantly here people speaking down on women of color for pointless reasons. Black women this, black women this that and the third ! Gosh ! Every black woman doesnt just sit around and have kids , black women have goals that they want to reach! My family on my mother side isnt perfect at all , but one thing my cousins Ariel , Tiffany, Asia and Myself have in common is that we want to be somebody one day and are willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure we make a name for ourselves. We’re not following the paths our mothers and grandmothers took.. We’re doing it our way and we’re going to take it by storm! Day in and day out.. we suck up the hard day we’ve had and prepare ourselves for the next one soon to follow. We’re the new generation of women in our family and we’re making sure that it doesnt go unrecogonized!


 ❤ you pooh . hunnnybunny & snuggles !