The best virtue of a person is their honesty. There’s nothing better in a person than the ability to tell you the truth , regardless of the situation. Honesty to me is the most important thing because , if i keep it real with you … you can return the favor. For example , if im out and its something on my face…. dont let me walk around looking crazy.. let me know whats up. I’d rather be hurt by the truth than to be hurt by a lie. When you hide whatever you’re hiding from somebody … it hurts them  more because you werent straight up with them from the get go. When my dad knew he had to go back out of town for work , he would try and buy me stuff and I would say no.. he would always say ” you might as well get it.. its gone be a while before im here to buy something else” .. thats when I would get upset and sad. Just come out and be honest with everything… it’ll make things easier than trying to hide it,