Welcome to the great Decatur , Georgia.

Decatur is located on the East side Of  Atlanta is the place to be on your vacation ! Decatur has various spots for families  , especially with young kids who love to play . Shadow rock park is the best place for young kids. It has 3 different levels .. one section for the ball players , a place to eat and play ground games and a place for the action (swings , slides and monkey bars). Decatur also has a place for the teens such as the wonderful malls ( Stonecrest , North Dekalb , North Lake & South Dekalb) , skating rinks ( Golden Glide , & All American) where the music and skating skills are constantly displayed , they’re bound to have a bundle of fun! Parents , dont think we’ve forgotten about you ! Of course they’re places for you and spouse too! They’re fabalous resturants such as Pappadaux . It’s one of the best seafood places in town ! The food is cooked to your perfection and the drinks are made especially for you. Not in the mood for food ? How about dancing ? The famous Velvet Room(home to famous rappers such as P.diddy , Monica , TI , Plies , Rick Ross , Rocko & many more). Come on out to Decatur where they say its Greater!