Ms.Hunter:One rule (law) that I think is pointless , is the law that you cant sit on your front porch in an improper position. Who  cares how you sit on your front porch ? Its yours … you’re paying the bills there , not the government.

Atlanta Officals: Well Ms. Hunter , we just want the best for our residents . Some big investor might perhaps drive by your house and see you siting improperly and change his/ her mind about investing into the neighborhood.

Ms.Hunter: Once again , I pay my bills .. not you guys. I cant afford to be getting fined because I was siting on MY front porch the way I want to. It seems as if some investor is  more important than me having the freedom to do what I want on my property.  Serveral other community people have signed this pettition… It has over 200 signatures. Please review it and think about it .. one day you guys might be having a family even , and you’re slouching down… and then you have to pay the $200 fine just like the resr of us. The economy is bad enough.. lets do away with this silly law.