My days throughout the weeks contains the same daily routine ! I hang out with my brother Brandon , my goonette Jordan and my babez Adrian. We laugh , joke and talk about everything that goes on or passes us. The most funniest of them all is Jordan ! She is so outgoing and funny with everything she does. She and I click like a seat belt. I can tell her anything that pops into my head without having the fear of negativity , because we have a great relationship as bestfriends. She knows me like the back of her hand and i know her like  mines. Jordan is from Atlanta just like me , so we understand the Atlanta talk and when somebody asks whats the meaning of the word , we bust out laughing like we crazy or something. She wierd  and goofy as a clown  , which makes everything she does hilarious , she’s a REAL CHARACTER. She says the unthinkable , which most people dont , so that what makes here My MAiN FUNNy FOCUs.