Sam was dead to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that. The moment we walked in the house we knew  that something bad had happend.  I tried to reach her on her house phone and her cell.. but she didnt answer. We had made plans to go out and celebrate our promotions at work. Earlier Sam  and I were having lunch and we were discussing things, She mentioned how she had been depressed and stressed about work and her family problems. Sam said she was  still down … but was working on things. The kids were away at their grandmas for the weekend , so she had to house to herself.  We arranged to meet around 9pm , along with  our close friend sharron. When we reached Sams house , we ramg the doorbell …. no answer… so eventually we find the spare key.. and as  we were walking we noticed that their was a half eaten sandwhich. So we’re like why is she trying t eat.. and we’re going out.. We call out her name a few more times .. and we looked into the bathroom.. and there she was … laying in a tub full of blood.We now understood why the sandwich lay uneaten on the kitchen counter