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                                      _PLAY IT OVER_

  If I was allowed a Mulligan in life , like right now… I think I would re do the last few arguments me and my dad have had. He’s always on my case about everything little thing I do , say , or anything else invovling. I cant take constant naggin from him , its in my nature to express my feelings. I never intentionally get loud , but my pops is really rude at times for no apparent reason. I be like dang pops , you rippen for nothing. At the end of all … I feel horrible.  Im sure nobody enjoys yelling at their parents.! If i could get a mulligan in that situation…. I would try my best and deal with it ,  because im sure at times im sure he feels like i have no respect for him.



Sam was dead to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that. The moment we walked in the house we knew  that something bad had happend.  I tried to reach her on her house phone and her cell.. but she didnt answer. We had made plans to go out and celebrate our promotions at work. Earlier Sam  and I were having lunch and we were discussing things, She mentioned how she had been depressed and stressed about work and her family problems. Sam said she was  still down … but was working on things. The kids were away at their grandmas for the weekend , so she had to house to herself.  We arranged to meet around 9pm , along with  our close friend sharron. When we reached Sams house , we ramg the doorbell …. no answer… so eventually we find the spare key.. and as  we were walking we noticed that their was a half eaten sandwhich. So we’re like why is she trying t eat.. and we’re going out.. We call out her name a few more times .. and we looked into the bathroom.. and there she was … laying in a tub full of blood.We now understood why the sandwich lay uneaten on the kitchen counter


My life is a  Roller Coaster ; Life consists of ups and downs, and we are along for the ride.

My life is a  roller coaster because life can be good… and then it can be bad. Thats where the roller coaster part comes in. My life to me is bascially good versus bad.  I’ve seen so much in the 16 years and 2 months i ‘ve been on this earth !  I have my highs … and my lows like any other person.. but to me my lows are like a big roller coaster dropping way way from the sky. Im afraid of heights ! which means im afraid of my lows. When i ride a scary ride i take a deep breath and try my best to take it one word at a time… it works sometimes… and somethimes it doesnt.. but one way or another… i get through it .