You and I both know that you’re my  bestfriend , and  ALMOST nothing can change that. Lately i realized that you’re a sucky bff !  i DONT know why it took me so long to realize that. Im  not sure if its the because we’re older now , but whatever the reason is.. you’re fired from being the main BFF ! you’re Just Brandon…My brother. Sucks right ? well thats how I felt when you started Leaving me Behind. It was very rude of you to move away… and then not call. You came back acting like everything was perfect.. I didnt bother to speak because you hurt my feelings . I guess you dont know how it feels to have your other half die ( yes… you are no longer considered my other half anymore.. you’re just brandon). I was by myself forever , I didnt want to do anything period, just cause you werent here. I look at our bond differntly.. i mind leaving you… you dont mind leaving me.  Pop told ,me that one day we would grow apart.. Ijust didnt know it would come so quickly. You dropped the ball on our BFF-NESS , but you’re still my brother and I love you always !