If I were given the chance to create a holiday for my country , I would Create PEACE DAY ; It would be a day that parents have to take off from work early and spend the day with their kids… It would be a day for relaxing and spending time with their kids. Now a days parents are working longer and more than usual , so they sometimes dont see their kids as much as they would like .

     On Peace Day Parents are REQUIRED to spend time with their kids , and for those who dont have kids you are REQUIRED to spend time with your loved ones and have a good time , take someof the stresses from your life and set them aside. Nothing in this world is more important than being at peace with yourself , and enjoying the time that you have with your family .  Maybe it would be the day our Troops come home from Iraq and the other dangerous places ,.Peace Day Is for everybody in  the United States and All over the world , if they liked it enough.