Whenever running for a position like mines you  have to really rep your city. You don’t change when the up North Style come to town , you still do you. It’s good to remember where you came from and what made you who you are. If I was to win , I’d make sure everybody remembered that  Atlantic Station was the move for a friday night and Central Station was the move for the Saturday. I love my city , and I most definetly love my hood in East Atlanta ! Shopping  From Lenox to South Dekalb Mall , maybe even the West End..&  Aint nothing like A Georgia girl , we the best … we take the South by storm with everything we do , like Pastor Troy said “AINT NO PLAY IN GA”.  To win  ATL 4REAl . you got to have your A game on point , I Do that everyday , from the way i talk to the way i act , its ATL all the way. From my custom made ATL shirts  to my custom ATL pajamas, I rep my city to the fullest and defend it aganist the RANDOM up North wannna be Conquers.. but as long as there is a dOWNSOUth GA  person near.. ATL has nothing to fear ….


   VOTE ME ;ATL 4REAL . Cause i wear my City on my back so the whole world can see :