I would’ve never guessed that my animal was a dolphin , but its so true in a way.. A dolphin symbolizes charity and a kind affection towards children.A dolphins means joy, harmony and a connection with one’s higher self.

     I love little kids , they are so cute and adorable. Little kids can make anyone smile.  I spend alot of time with my nephew, younger cousins and my god daughter because when i was growing up my godmom and cousins did the same with me . A Close knit family like environment is good for everybody.If you dont get love from family then you’re going to feel like you have to get it from somewhere else , and thats not the way to go , trust. Charity work is a great thing to do , it shows that you care about others and that you’re willing to help someone in need. For instance , i love helping the homeless , it makes me feel good on the inside. I have a great connection with myself. lol. I dont like being predictable , predictable to me is boring . I like new things … so maybe the dolphin is a good animal for me