If tears would bring them back , I guess my life would feel complete then . I have this  empty space , that nobody can feel . He’s irreplacable. When my little brother died.. I felt  silent as if i had no voice… I didnt know how to handle it.  But as i got older , I understood a little better then i did back then.. A premature birth is really no joke , I really pushed away from my mom after his death.. , to me i felt like it was her fault.. but things happen.. Then a few years later .. My grandaddy died.. my world just crashed. it seemed like god did a recall on my family. I just wanted to be alone after my grandaddy died , he brought the biggest smiles ever to my face I still cant accept the fact that those smiles aint coming back..He faded away right in front of my eyes.. . I cried everyday for 2months.. it was a death overload ! Deaths just make me depressed kinda.  Those Guys meant the world to me ! . My Aunt got shot in the throat  in august by a cop , and he got off.. he said he felt as if his life was in danger.. if so, why shoot her in the throat?  The cop just came back from suspension , thats how I know our law system bent backwards…A sorry wont bring my aunt back into my life.My life changed each time , but in a way it made me a better person , and made me want to enoy each day with my family , because they could take a unexpected early flight out of my life. My tears wont bring them back , but it’ll let them know that they’re gone.. but never forgotten.


i ❤ you guyssss ! rip Pj , popcorn and my auntiee toot!