OffiCally Reddz TOP.

1. ATL- ATL is my favorite movie! The south has been running the music industry for a while now , and ATL just showed the people that ATL is really the move. Everything is business.

2.Ralph Lauren is the all time best! – I dont what i would do with out my Polo. I been wearing Polo since birth, from the shirts , pjs, sheets , paint etc..Nothing tops him.

3. Kobe Bryant- He Just something else on the court ! Plus he cute.

4. Martin Luther- He really inspires me to shoot for the moon , cause if i fall , ill  land amongst the stars. He stood up for what he thought was right , and equal for all people.

5. Madame Cj Walker- Without her inventing the perm , My hair would be curly forever! Thank you girl!

6.Obama- he proved that anything is possible , regardless of the color of your skin , as spoken by Martin Luther.

7. Takers- It was full of action , and the right people.

8.Gucci ! – He real cool ,  music is on point and always speakk his mind , plus he frome the eastside !

9. All the fridays- thats the type of movie i watch when im having a good friday.

10. Kevin Hart – he is hilarious! all his jokes keep me laughing !