The Main thing my parents dont understand about my generation is the style. My parents talk about tattos day in and day out !All i ever hear is ” if i see a tattoo  like that on yo lil red crack , imma knock you out”. To me body art is a way of expression and i personally love it!.  Why not wear you feelings on your shoulder? lol.  I can admit , some people do go over board with the meaningless tattoos though , but hey , thats them.   Plus if the tattoo means something important , why get upset over it? Once its on you… its on you..

One thing i cant stand with my parents is when they say ” well back in my day…this that and the 3rd.” . My dad is quick to say ” oh back in my day i had a job at 13″. I dont get it.. ! He must want me up out the house then, cause thats a step towards independence. To think about it.. when i try and get a job , he puts me on hold.. and something magically comes up. Why do parents try and push you out the door quick , and when you really try to leave.. they dont want you to go.. Parents need to make they mind up!