If i could be famous , what would be the reason ?

Well at first i wanted to be a famous trophy wife ! My husband was got to have a super cute husband with a cute smile, good hair , cute eyes, and has speed on and off the field. He was going to be something like Reggie Bush , cause he’s just umph , amazing ! Then one day it hit me , i want to be known as more than “his wife”. Many celeb wives seem like sidekicks , im better than a sidekick.. i want to be his other half. I still want to be a trophy wife .. but i want to have a tittle for myself besides “his wie”. I want to major in Law , Criminal Justice , Business and comostology. I want my intelligence to show.. i dont want it to be hidden behind his fame. Most kids have one parent who’s done something , while the other is just there.I want my kids to be like ” My mommy does this thand and the 3rd , and my daddy also does this that and the 3rd.”