Everyone has self-pride and confidence… and lets everybody know that they do. Even when you think you don’t.. somebody comes along and tells you what you’ve been wanting to hear.


 I think my best trait is my smile ! I’ve heard ” oh . your smile is so pretty” forever in a day. I smile almost all the time , not cause im happy .. just because it comes natural to my face.I know I have pretty teeth , and nobody can tell me that I don’t.  This is going to be hard to believe but back in the day I was always the girl who didn’t like to open her mouth , because she didn’t want anybody to see her teeth.  I use to be so scared to show my teeth , I hated them.. I got in trouble when I didn’t want to open my mouth and speak , now I want everybody to see my pretty white teeth ! My confidence in my teeth came to be , when my mama said she would throw me into the middle of the  next year if I didn’t answer her then and there.

My most hated trait is my face !  The redness and the blushing is irritating. Sometimes I wish I had a darker complexion because my face is just so obvious. Everybody can tell when im hot, cold, or blushing. Darker people don’t have as many issues as lighter people do. I most definitely can’t stand the name calling. ” Rudolph” “red nosey” , I think its childish ! I get called out constantly when my face is red , its embarrassing sorta. I remember when i was beyond cold.. but i wasnt shivering or anything… my cheeks and nose were bright red ! I wanted to go home and be warm! All my friends wanted to touch my face and leave their hand prints on my face and I ended up having finger prints on my cheeks that day , later I found out that I have very sensitive skin.. so its going to be red a lot !