Your life may come with many different hadrships and rough patches …. wouldnt you  want somebody to be nice to you and lend you a helping hand ?

 I guess you can say i have a kind heart when it comes to certain things , and some times i just dont care. Even when im in my “i dont care” mood , i help others. The nicest thing i’ve done in the 16 years i’ve been on earth , is help the homeless. It hits home when i see somebody on the street. I know you cant trust everbody you meet but if  i were in a position like that i would wan somebody to help me. At first , it was just a good deed , but now its become a hobby of mine.. wheneve i see a homeless person , i speak, wave, and smile just to let them know im not passing judgement. i  volunterr at sheltrs and stuff like that.


The nicest thing someone has ever done for me , is stop me from falling. My cousins and I went out one night , and i slipped.. but i didnt fall. I had seen other girls slip and fall, but i didnt think i would. I guess someone spilled their drink on the floor and i just happend to be walking cute and ended up walkin through it… and I slid through it. this random guy had caught me.. and i wus so happy ! because i hadd heels on.. and that would’ve ruined my night! i thanked him over and over… even though he causght me by my stomach …and it hurted badly , but i was glad i didnt fall , so my stomach didnt matter.