I don’t a favorite person.. I have favorite people.

First comes my brother Brandon. Brandon is my big brother and best friend all in one. We’ve been through a lot!   Through the good times and the bad times… he was always there. He never let his pain show on his face. He was the protector and I was the brains. I was like his little shadow; I wanted to do what he did and go where he went.  He told me that I couldn’t cry about everything that happens in life, because it would get me anywhere in life. He’s always on my right and I’m always on his left. He inspires me to do whatever.

My second favorite person is my cousin Luey. He acts like he’s my angel. Whenever I’m not home, he wants to know where I am and who I’m running the streets with. He’s so protective!  Even though he’s a cousin… he steps in and plays big brother all the time. My safety and school work is what’s most important to him. He gives me his honest opinion regardless of my attitude. He doesn’t care how I feel about what he’s saying because at the end he always says “I tell you because I care about your hardheaded butt redd!” It’s good to know that somebody’s watching over you all the time.