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here you come, there you go, u just took my socks?
oh you take, take, take it all you even stole my clock
shouldve known you were trouble when you first moved in
saw my door wide open, why was it open?

when you met my dad you slapped him the face
you slapped him the face, you did
to give him a big hug is all i ever asked
but you hit him with a pan

so i threw gatorade at ya (yeah yeah)
then i threw lemonade at ya (yeah yeah)
even chucked minute maid at ya (yeah yeah)
man i threw everything at ya (yeah yeah)

ooooh oh

even risked getting my shirt stained
lemonade straight to the brain
you said that you werent crazyyyy
and then you ate my games

no, no, no, no

tangled tangled up my brand new headphones
then when i got home from work i saw you kicking all my gnomes
o man o man, u r so bizarre
had a smile on your face when you were humping up my car

when you met my friends you kicked them in the shin 

kicked them in the shin you did
to play xbox with them is all i ever asked
but you stabbed them with a pen

so i threw gatorade at ya (yeah yeah)
then i threw lemonade at ya (yeah yeah)
even chucked minute maid at ya (yeah yeah)
man i threw everything at ya (yeah yeah)



Good eye-hand coordination and sustained effort makes almost any task run well. By mid-afternoon you will be pleased at your progress. A problem at work that has gone on for a long time is finally nearing the end. It will soon be time for new conquests. Now, understandably, you may feel more like ignoring responsibilities and doing some social visiting. Practice common sense and seek a balance. This is the time you and your co-workers will be given recognition for this hard work. You may be encouraged by an older member of the family to move forward with some special plan–research would be beneficial. You will enjoy waiting on your loved one(s) this evening. Heal the thought that you are separate from others.

The ending is true , very true. My older cousin Kris , who’s 18 … just yelled at me about my grades and how they’re slipping. In the mist of him yelling , it made me think a little bit. I have alot planned for summer , and wont be able to do hardly any of them if im in summer school for math..It was harsh , but in a way motovating. The beginning could be true if they replace co-workers with classmates. The school year is winding down and judgement day is forth coming.. its out job to stay on our teachers about our make up work if we’re missing some. At the end of the day .. its our grade.. they’ve already been to school for the class. Hand-eye coordination does make my tasks go very well ! I just have have to keep my eye on the prize ( good grades and passing math/lit). I cant wait til i get home and see my daddy so he can help me with my work and also help me with an idea on how to make up my missing work. If seperaten myself from others is they key to success…then im willing to do it.. i think its for the better too.

Brandon , you should let me take your car!


 You should let me take your car because i’d let you take mines whenever. By now you should know that you can trust me to bring your car back safe and sound , also smelling like me. Of all the things you do in my truck….  , I still let you borrow it , But you have a hard time giving up the keys to the maxima! All i ever tend to do in the Maxima is spray my perfume 9 times out of 10 , change the radio and leave my earrings in there. Thats not too bad and you know it. We can even make an agreement during the week , when i want to ride low… i’ll take the car.. and when you want to seem big… take Blue. I promise that the furthest i’d go… is to Moreland Ave.. or Old National.. if You promise to be EXTRA careful .. and take out your smelly socks and your lady friends rings and things. So change your mind and give me your keys with ease!

Regardless of everyday struggle between school , life , and the world, people can always make a way through it. I constantly here people speaking down on women of color for pointless reasons. Black women this, black women this that and the third ! Gosh ! Every black woman doesnt just sit around and have kids , black women have goals that they want to reach! My family on my mother side isnt perfect at all , but one thing my cousins Ariel , Tiffany, Asia and Myself have in common is that we want to be somebody one day and are willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure we make a name for ourselves. We’re not following the paths our mothers and grandmothers took.. We’re doing it our way and we’re going to take it by storm! Day in and day out.. we suck up the hard day we’ve had and prepare ourselves for the next one soon to follow. We’re the new generation of women in our family and we’re making sure that it doesnt go unrecogonized!


 ❤ you pooh . hunnnybunny & snuggles !


The best virtue of a person is their honesty. There’s nothing better in a person than the ability to tell you the truth , regardless of the situation. Honesty to me is the most important thing because , if i keep it real with you … you can return the favor. For example , if im out and its something on my face…. dont let me walk around looking crazy.. let me know whats up. I’d rather be hurt by the truth than to be hurt by a lie. When you hide whatever you’re hiding from somebody … it hurts them  more because you werent straight up with them from the get go. When my dad knew he had to go back out of town for work , he would try and buy me stuff and I would say no.. he would always say ” you might as well get it.. its gone be a while before im here to buy something else” .. thats when I would get upset and sad. Just come out and be honest with everything… it’ll make things easier than trying to hide it,


Welcome to the great Decatur , Georgia.

Decatur is located on the East side Of  Atlanta is the place to be on your vacation ! Decatur has various spots for families  , especially with young kids who love to play . Shadow rock park is the best place for young kids. It has 3 different levels .. one section for the ball players , a place to eat and play ground games and a place for the action (swings , slides and monkey bars). Decatur also has a place for the teens such as the wonderful malls ( Stonecrest , North Dekalb , North Lake & South Dekalb) , skating rinks ( Golden Glide , & All American) where the music and skating skills are constantly displayed , they’re bound to have a bundle of fun! Parents , dont think we’ve forgotten about you ! Of course they’re places for you and spouse too! They’re fabalous resturants such as Pappadaux . It’s one of the best seafood places in town ! The food is cooked to your perfection and the drinks are made especially for you. Not in the mood for food ? How about dancing ? The famous Velvet Room(home to famous rappers such as P.diddy , Monica , TI , Plies , Rick Ross , Rocko & many more). Come on out to Decatur where they say its Greater!

_RUlES SM00lS_.

Ms.Hunter:One rule (law) that I think is pointless , is the law that you cant sit on your front porch in an improper position. Who  cares how you sit on your front porch ? Its yours … you’re paying the bills there , not the government.

Atlanta Officals: Well Ms. Hunter , we just want the best for our residents . Some big investor might perhaps drive by your house and see you siting improperly and change his/ her mind about investing into the neighborhood.

Ms.Hunter: Once again , I pay my bills .. not you guys. I cant afford to be getting fined because I was siting on MY front porch the way I want to. It seems as if some investor is  more important than me having the freedom to do what I want on my property.  Serveral other community people have signed this pettition… It has over 200 signatures. Please review it and think about it .. one day you guys might be having a family even , and you’re slouching down… and then you have to pay the $200 fine just like the resr of us. The economy is bad enough.. lets do away with this silly law.

_MEANt tO Be_????

You’re the thought that starts  my day each morning,
The conclusion to each day.
You’re involved in all that I do,
And everything  that I say.

You’re the smile on my face,
The twinkle in my eye.
The warmth inside my heart,
The fullness in my life.

You’re the hand that’s laced in mine, I’m the hand in yours
My friend, my love,
My shoulder to lean on.

You’re my silly, mature, caring,
Thoughtful, bright, and honest boy.
The one who holds me tight,
When I need to cry.

You’re the  one dimple in my cheek,
The ever-constant tingle in my ear.
The voice that makes me weak,
The happiness of all of my days..

Although nobody knows how far we’ll go … we’re taking one day at a time and it’s best that way . No relationship is perfect because they have ups and downs… but I hope ours stay lively and exciting . <3ADR

_THiS GiRl_

My days throughout the weeks contains the same daily routine ! I hang out with my brother Brandon , my goonette Jordan and my babez Adrian. We laugh , joke and talk about everything that goes on or passes us. The most funniest of them all is Jordan ! She is so outgoing and funny with everything she does. She and I click like a seat belt. I can tell her anything that pops into my head without having the fear of negativity , because we have a great relationship as bestfriends. She knows me like the back of her hand and i know her like  mines. Jordan is from Atlanta just like me , so we understand the Atlanta talk and when somebody asks whats the meaning of the word , we bust out laughing like we crazy or something. She wierd  and goofy as a clown  , which makes everything she does hilarious , she’s a REAL CHARACTER. She says the unthinkable , which most people dont , so that what makes here My MAiN FUNNy FOCUs.

                                                       BUCKET LiSt.














14. buy a MONKEY




  Numbers 2 ,  and 15 are u there because those 2affect my daily life the most. They all combine into one major factor… me . I still have trouble accepting the fact that he’s gone , so it makes my days go by slow. Its hard on me , and i think decorating his grave will ease my pain … i just have to build up my courage.. one day .My dad has been working , ever since i could remember. His job was to travel the country  for state farm and to also be my dad.. he missed alot of things in my life.. but he’s home now… and i want it to stay that way. He works day in and day out , he;s always buzy with statefarm !